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Top Tips to Extend Battery Life

To get the most out of your battery and to extend its life Battery World advises you to ensure the following:

  • Ensure that the battery is secure by checking the hold down clamp on the car and the cable connections from time to time
  • Get Battery World to check your battery’s ‘state-of-charge’ or do it yourself using a hydrometer
  • If yours is an Open Cell Vented battery that has filling caps, you’ll need to perform periodic maintenance by checking and adding distilled water to the cells
  • Clean any corrosion you find on cables, clamps or terminals with a wire brush or battery terminal cleaner. Then rinse with ample clean water and dry (preferably with an air compressed gun)
  • If you find that your clamps and cables are damaged by excessive corrosion you should have them replaced
  • Battery World will ensure you purchase the correct size battery for your car
  • We offer free alternator and starter motor checking, have it done regularly

Battery No-No’s:

  • Never hammer cable terminals on to the battery posts. This can damage the battery permanently.
  • Never Self-Discharge
  • Avoid extended inactivity and storage of your battery
  • Avoid frequent short trips as your alternator needs to be able to fully recharge your battery
  • Ensure your car alarm, sound amplifier, radio standby or boot light are all switching off when you do thereby not drawing battery power unnecessarily  
  • Avoid high ambient temperatures
  • Don’t over crank your starter motor